logoJean Nicolas Boulmier
Artist Decorative Painter
Decorations painted by hand creating the illusion of relief and distance to the eye. They can be painted on all types of supports but more often than not, they are made on canvas and then glued or stretched on site. All themes can be covered except landscapes and outdoor views, which I prefer to classify under the heading "panoramas".


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Voici un dressing dont tout l’agencement a été refait à neuf. J’ai proposé un concept de croisillons en trompe l’œil sur les portes. Cela crée un certain étonnement tout en gardant un côté classique et discret.

Saint Germain les Arpajon

Le petit Prince

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Sur la demande d’une maman désirant offrir une chambre de petit prince à son enfant, j’ai reproduit le dessin très connu de St Exupéry. Petite particularité, toutes les étoiles et planètes ont reçu des particules photoluminescentes afin de briller la nuit. Si elles éclairent fortement après avoir éteint les lumières, elles s’estompent doucement dans la nuit mais ne s’éteignent jamais !

Rue Louis Rouquier, Levallois Perret

White poppies

On cupboard doors, perfect surface smoothing by water sanding, grease coating, water re-sanding, re-sanding, etc..... Installation of brass sheets following a precise grid pattern. Cotton polishing and two-coat flatting gloss varnishing with water sanding in between. With matt varnish bleached with titanium, poppies made by hand. It is a technique for creating matt on gloss effects that make the patterns disappear and reappear as you move forward, while capturing the surrounding colours of the room through the reflection of the metal sheets.

Villa Poirier, Paris 15th arrondissement

Gitana Lounge

In reference to the Gitana boats and according to my drawings, creation on a removable partition of a false sail and its crest. The texture is given thanks to the superposition of pleated taffeta and crumpled tissue paper. Part of the part is treated with corian panels and metallic paints identical to those of the GITANA boats painted by Hubert Corfmat on site.


Canvas too short

These two paintings dating from the late 19th century had been mounted on wooden frames for many years. They were dismantled and glued by an upholsterer in the inside of the panels of this dining room. Only small problem before installation, they found that they were too short! This difficult exercise was a real challenge. Three coats of adhesive plaster and numerous sanding operations were necessary to restore the same thickness of fabric. After finding the tones of the degraded canvas backgrounds, I extended, added and created some patterns using my imagination. Consequently, my additions take up the style and hand of the "anonymous" artist to blend in with the whole.

Avenue Hoche Paris 8ème

Plum upholstery

This trompe l'oeil upholstery provides the strength and presence necessary for the transition from the modernity of this room to the entire castle.


Photoluminescent strips

The luminescence in a bedroom must be soft so as not to stay awake at night, but it is still the ideal place to enjoy a different decoration during the day and at night. The strips, falsely dug in trompe l'oeil, give a modern take-off in this castle room while respecting the mouldings and other ornamentation. Their locations take into account future tables. The seasons, sunshine, artificial lighting, etc.... vary the output power of this luminescence according to UV exposures. These bands complement an equally luminous sky (ground/sky section).


Chinese monkeys

Here is a succession of little mocking and teasing monkeys. Many sketches and research were necessary to harmonize them together. This realization is inspired and coincides with the publication of a very beautiful book on Christophe Huet who created La Grande et La Petite Singerie du château de Chantilly in the 18th century.

Rue du Conseiller Colignon, Paris 16ème

The peacock bath!

Here is an old bathtub with an unexpected, original and very nice theme: a peacock and some large white flowers on a purple patina background. A reminder of patinas and flowers on cupboard doors and a bronzine imitating the appearance of taps to harmonize the whole room.

Rue de l'Abreuvoir in Montmartre

Imitation of Nobilis paper

Here is the repetition on doors of a wisteria pattern printed on Nobilis paper already present in the room. This realization is based on the techniques used by theatre decorators, i.e. by flat gouaches that are quickly superimposed one on top of the other. This technique is the testimony of a great era of which the Zuber Ets (for example) have been and still are the witnesses.

Rue Eugène Maison à Sceaux (92)

The cat's canvas

Here is a trompe l'oeil depicting a rural interior scene with its sink stone placed in front of an old walled carriage entrance. A blue-eyed Burmese cat follows you with his gaze wherever you are in the room. Before finding its final place, this painting could tell us many things. She followed me on several exhibitions and made a lot of envious people envious! (Château de Chamarande, Equip Hotel, Bean Fair in Arpajon) The dimensions of the canvas (3.55m*2.55m) did not correspond to those of the wall, so it was necessary to coat the surroundings to recover the thickness and show dexterity in the colours to extend its patina into the rest of the room in order to integrate it completely.

Avenue Charles de Gaulle in Arpajon in Essonne (91)

cherry branch

This is a narrow bathroom, without windows, greenery or perspective that required "pushing" its walls back. The idea was to imagine plants and gardeners' accessories behind fake partitions of stretched fabric in order to detect only the play of shadows. A general faux wood throughout the room to justify the support frames of the faux fabric. Above the bathtub, I imagined that we could hang a (fake) linen canvas with simple knots that depicts a workshop drawing. A cherry tree branch whose chalk drawing would begin on the left, whose evolution towards painting would then be seen, up to the trompe l'oeil pushed since the petals and flowers would eventually fall out.

Paris 8th

country toilet

On a background of grey/beige chiffon patinas, floral motifs giving a rural feel to this small toilet.

Nogent sur Seine (10)

Flower doors

Here are 4 trompe l'oeil doors treated on a floral and country theme in accordance with the Provençal decor that you will discover in the "panoramic" section: Le Château de Grignan. The doors (flat) were previously treated with false mouldings and a flat green field in accordance with the general patina of the part.

Plessis pâté in Essonne (91)

POU house

Here is a top-of-the-box band for the Maison POU avenue des Ternes in Paris, delicatessen butcher since 1830. This set treated as "still  life" includes a number of quality products distributed by the Maison POU. For information, the general decoration has been redone.

16 Avenue des Ternes Paris 17th arrondissement

Let's measure ourselves

Here is the creation of 4 custom sizes for each child to preserve their growth stages. Beforehand, a 3-tone gradient patina (white, yellow, green) was applied over the entire clearance.

Paris 8th

Boat show

For the occasion of the boat show, painting of the whole house with fluorescent colours as well as the realization of false  windows (the shutters are real) to continue the illusion of this Creole  house.

Paris, Porte de Versailles

real or fake mouldings

Execution of a combed patina on all doors and frames, then realization of false mouldings in the spirit of real ones already existing on the other doors.

Rue du Cirque, Paris 8e

African ceremonial mask

In a living room, realization behind this VERITABLE African mask, of a fake straw canvas worn to highlight the whole.

Avenue Victor Hugo Paris 16e

The porthole

"Boat cabin" atmosphere. Realization of fake horizontal boards in bleached fake wood, then a trompe l'oeil porthole on a marine theme.

Rue Cambronne, Paris 15e

Draped headboard

Draped in trompe l'oeil on a background of brushed patina, surrounding the bed and its bedside tables (the frames are real!)

Rue Cambronne, Paris 15e

A gutter in the living room!

In an ex-loggia/balcony that has become a dining room, creation of a false lattice and its vegetation, incorporating a real PVC gutter pipe treated with fake zinc

rue Cambronne, Paris 15e

Egyptian entrance

Egyptian decoration on all the walls, with a different sky and pattern on each door.

Villa poirier, Paris 15th arrondissement

Bull head

Creation in a dining room of a yellow brushed patina on the walls and a false stone base. The theme being Spain, fake bull head fountains equip the lighting niches. (The lighting was installed accordingly).

Avenue d'Iéna, Paris 16e

The lamp maker

Realization in a dining room of fake rice canvases, on the theme of a fire bearer called the "Chinese lamp maker", all on a green crumpled patina background. (Note that the lighting basins were already in place before any project).

Boulevard Beauséjour, Paris 16e

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