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Artist Decorative Painter
The following is a summary of trompe l'oeil, collage, and other techniques whose main interest is located on the floor or ceiling. In general, floor work is carried out on site and ceiling work is preferably carried out on canvas in the workshop and then glued if the context allows.

Ciel de nuit

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Il m’a été demandé de faire un ciel de nuit et un ciel de jour juxtaposés. Ces deux plafonds se suivent mais ont leurs pièces respectives. Malgré tout les teintes bleu ciel se suivent de l’un sur l’autre afin de donner une harmonie d’ensemble. A noter que les faux bois sur les corniches et dans la pièce étaient présents.

Rue Victor Hugo à Colombes

Lodève Museum

Here is the creation of patinas in "brown rock" tones on a slab of reconstructed prehistoric footprints of approximately 40 m². Scans were made on archaeological sites by the company "the Special Fairies" then modeled and installed in Lodève by the "Séquoia" workshops. I participated in the adjustment and jointing of the 12 tiles (200kg each) and then made a general patina in the tones found on natural sites.

Stéphane Fouché, head of Earth Sciences collections at the Lodève museum, guided me in the finishing touches and in the importance of highlighting all the leg paths as well as the cracks in the dry seabed due to the withdrawal of the sea at this time. time.


Black ceiling and its black degraded paint

Here is a paint or patina that matches perfectly with the black ceilings of this apartment. Located in Paris Montparnasse, the architect Jean Dubuisson delivered in the beginning in 1964 white apartments with black ceilings in the hallways and corridors only.
By training at Le Corbusier, it was undoubtedly the idea of the "dark box" that contrasts and encourages the discovery of the main and bright rooms. It should be noted that my client has kept since the beginning the paintings on the ceilings and the sober spirit of the apartment.

Rue du Commandant Mouchotte, Paris 14th

Brown/grayish yellow sky

Here is a sky made at 4 m high in a "small" lounge of the Château de Vineuil Saint Firmin in the Oise region located next to the Château de Chantilly. It represents a set of clouds, one of which, voluntarily, reminds us of the profile of a horse's head in order to pay tribute to my sponsor's passion. I would like to thank Florence Adam, a painting restorer located in Chantilly, for introducing me to her clients.

Château de Vineuil Saint Firmin in the Oise

Poppies flying

This sky completes a small dining area for children. On the walls, red crepe paper imitating poppies was glued. The idea of creating a flight to extend the walls and enhance this small room was a natural one.

Paris 8th

Alice's Sky

This sky of about twenty square meters, apparently classic and appropriate in this castle, reveals a starry sky and its milky voice at night when the room is plunged into darkness. This principle of double decoration is innovative. Once the sky was "daytime", photoluminescent particles were projected so that by taking on UV during the day, they could radiate and redistribute their light at night. The 4-metre high room does not allow the dry droplets to be seen in relief from the particles. Photoluminescent strips on the walls are complementary (to see in the curiosities)


newspaper mat

Taken from the display case, here is a breakdown of foreign-language newspapers, photos and articles from the family. Several layers of glaziers were applied as a finish.

Paris 8th

the Parisian goose game

Goose game made on a human scale on a parquet floor previously sanded blank. Its shape represents Paris from the sky with the Seine in the middle and each square features the historical and famous monuments of Paris starting in 1220 with Notre  Dame and ending in 2006 with the tramway. This is a complete creation and realization on my part. the pieces of the game represent small pyramids of the Louvres and were made by Didier Demé, cabinetmaker and carpenter. for information, a museum of the goose game exists in Rambouillet (Pierre Dietsch Fund)

Paris 8th

The "Santiago de cuba"

Restaurant "Santiago de Cuba" Creation and total realization of the entire decoration on the theme of a Cuban patio, including a night sky, "lime" patina, cigar casts, decorative bottles embedded in the light bar, coconut lighting and more than thirty frames relating Cuban history, art and culture on the walls. For the nod, we will find in the night sky the island of Cuba in the shape of a cloud near the moon!
This restaurant was a great success for many years but it has since been sold and the decoration may have changed.

Ste Geneviève des Bois

Bathroom in the clouds

A sky and about 80 butterflies were made on the top of the bathroom walls. The basements and blue friezes represent trompe l'oeil spiral sets.

Rue du Conseiller Collignon. Paris 16th arrondissement

Bathroom ceiling

Canvas intended for a bathroom, representing an opening to the sky with its birds fighting over a small midge. The stone block overlooking the complex currently serves as a support for lighting, making its place logical and natural.

Villa Poirier Paris 15th century

England in the clouds

Realization of a fake cut stone over the whole piece, and a sky with brown clouds, one of which represents England. The style of the piece being very English, it is only a reference.

Avenue Victor Hugo Paris 16e

Winged dolphins

Creation in a bathroom and on a curved staff ceiling, of a surrealist sky on the theme of winged dolphins.

Avenue d'Iéna, Paris 16e

Red moon, fake oak, marquetry and gilding

Realization of the whole living room in fake oak with various inlays and trompe l'oeil, with highlights of gilding on all the mouldings and cornices. Creation of a sky of about 25 m² representing a red moon.

Boulevard Beauséjour, Paris 16e

Dining room under the angels

Sky of about 12 m² with its angels, birds, book and vegetation.

St Fargeau Ponthierry, Seine et Marne (77)

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