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Artist Decorative Painter
This section contains removable and decorated elements such as painted furniture, paintings, and various objects. This shows that you can decorate any surface to bring eclecticism to my job as a decorator.

Orgue à Parfums

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Orgue à Parfums

Voici une création pour les parfums CARON. En partenariat avec Didier Demé, ébéniste et Gilles Chabrier, verrier, j’ai eu la chance de créer un « outil » de travail pour le NEZ de chez Caron. Objet et projet très rare aujourd’hui, il est d’une dimension raisonnable par rapport à d’autres orgues.

Sa conception est exceptionnelle et a demandé un savoir-faire incroyable à Didier Demé. Tout est cintré avec un épaississement progressif vers le bas. La création d’innombrables lames de contreplaqué cintrées par collage et contraintes sous presse a demandé beaucoup de temps et une grande patience.
Quant aux verres, Gilles Chabrier a une technique d’enfermement de mini bulles d’air entre ses plaques de verre tout en permettant d’obtenir un graphisme qui lui est personnel.
Me concernant, j’ai lissé toutes les surfaces avec des laques mates et réalisé une finition en patine dégradée allant du blanc sur le haut jusqu’à un « rose poudré » vers le bas.

23 rue François 1er, Paris

Assises de chaises

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Voici des assises de chaises dont les patines se sont usées. La propriétaire souhaitait les faire regarnir avec des peaux déjà décorées. Voulant les conserver pour un autre projet, je lui ai proposé de les imiter sur les assises usées.
Une fois le cuir nettoyé, déciré et reteinté, j’ai réussi à me rapprocher au plus près du résultat final.

Sceaux dans les Hauts de Seine (92)

Restauration de Pilastres

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Lors de la rénovation de la salle d’apparat, ces pilastres du 19ème ont été restaurés. Ils étaient dans un mauvais état et avaient subi des retouches « hasardeuses » !
Les boiseries ont été traitées aux fongicides,
Les faux marbres ont été refaits intégralement dans l’esprit de ceux du 19ème c’est-à-dire « décoratifs »,
Toutes les dorures ont été refaites avec une patine soutenue dans les creux et une légère usure sur les reliefs afin de redonner de la transparence avec le bois.

Pauillac dans le Médoc

Low table

A low table was created for the perfumer CARON in order to welcome customers and present them with perfumes in a personalised way.

This table uses a technique of imitation leather embossed in plum red with the graphic codes of the brand. The principle of leaving a pre-cut and self-adhesive support under the paint and patinas leaves enough relief to give the illusion of leather or paper that has been embossed under a hot press as it should be.

The glass top, known as the "Lagoon", was made by Gilles Chabrier, a glass sculptor at the Bastille. Note that the LED lighting inside the glass is battery-powered so that the table can be moved without any wire constraints. It lasts one week before recharging.

CARON shop, Paris 8ème

Jacques Garcia

Here is a series of furniture made for the restaurant "La Réserve" in Ramatuelle and designed by the decorator Jacques Garcia.

The sculptures were made by Didier Demé, sculptor and cabinetmaker, and then finalized with a spirit of faience patinas developed by me. It is a technique which allows a very smooth and brilliant coating of the reliefs while creating series of small craters and asperities which one finds at the time of the firings of the earthenware.


sand box

Here are two boxes designed to display blown and sculpted glass perfume bottles. It is a meticulous superimposition of sandblasted coatings that had to respect the folds of the box while ensuring the continuity of the designs.

Parfums Caron

Gilding on frames

Installation of free gold leaf on a frame supplied by the customer
Neuilly sur Seine

Macán table

For this historic cellar in Spain called Macán, here is a table designed by me and made by the Séquoia carpentry workshops in Épône and the Petit Chanon locksmith workshops in Egly. The idea was to leave the visual towards the sculpted and backlit glass wall on the back of the room.
This table could be extended at the centre from 8 to 16 guests.

Samaniego, Spain

Banksy Concrete Guitar

At the request of "Guitare Garage", professionals for the repair and customization of guitars, here is one in fake concrete in the mind of the tagger Banksy. The concrete imitation is based on sand glued/scratched directly on the original wooden support that had been provided to me. The rest is only plastered and patinated to give the complete illusion. Thank you to the very friendly team at Guitare Garage for trusting me in this project.

Rue Duperré, 75009 Paris

Marina Forêt Artero

I was asked for this room to imagine a headboard. Despite the size of the room, there was a lack of storage. The idea was to thicken the headboard and integrate storage boxes with wheels. During an exhibition of craftsmen, I met Marina Forêt Artero, an artist who creates jewellery made of twisted and hammered aluminium wire. I asked her if she would be able to embark on a major furniture project. Hesitant, despite her great dexterity, she decided to launch out to make us an extraordinary achievement that required an incredible number of hours of work. Beforehand, we had developed the gluing and laying technique that was unknown to her. She relied on my drawings for much of the furniture to finish with her own. It should be noted that the base of this piece of furniture was made by Didier Demé, cabinetmaker sculptor.


Gallimard Book Wall

For the Caesarea Foundation (Caesarea) in Tel Aviv, here is a monumental wall of books, which symbolizes culture, knowledge and teaching. The purpose of this foundation is to provide scholarships to help students extend their studies and projects at universities. The prints and casts from the "book cubes" or "book paintings" created by me and from the Blanche collection of Éditions Gallimard, were made by a plastic artiste, in order to create an assembly measuring more than 5 metres in height.

Tel Aviv in Israel.

Ends of sofas

I was asked for this bank to design these pieces of sofas to complete the decoration of the "walls and doors". The realization was made by Didier Demé, cabinetmaker sculptor.

Bank, PARIS 8th

Document display unit

For this banking institution, I was asked to design these briefcases to complete the decoration of the "walls and doors". The realization was made by Didier Demé, cabinetmaker sculptor.

Bank, PARIS 8th

Gallimard book cubes

Creation of book "cubes" from a donation from the Blanche collection of Gallimard Publishing. All the books have been cut to keep only 1 to 3 cm of front thickness. The whole thing was hardened and then glued with resin on a light honeycomb box. Finally, a grey patina is applied and then bleached in the hollows. Dimension: 3 modules of 120*120 cm. You will find all the explanatory photos of the creation in the article "Table of books".

Bank, PARIS 8th

Gallimard Book Table

Creation of a painting of books from a donation from the white collection of Editions Gallimard. All the books have been cut to keep only 1 to 3 cm of front thickness. The whole was hardened and glued with resin on a light honeycomb box. Finally, a grey patina is applied and then bleached in the hollows. Dimensions 405*105 cm.

bank, PARIS 8th

Library table

For this piece called "ARTS de VIVRE" by the CAESAREA foundation, creation of a high enough table allowing the presentation and consultation of the books by the public. After all book cases have been removed, this table can be used for meetings with videoconferencing. According to my drawings, it was made by Séquoïa for the assembly with a honeycomb core.

Tel Aviv in Israel

Reception desk of the Caesarea Foundation

Creation of a reception bank with EMG workshops in Coignières, France. Wengé plating technique on a thick, backlit plexiglass sheet.

Tel Aviv in Israel

Bathroom pedestals

Here is a storage concept for this bathroom. According to my drawings this realization was made by Didier Demé, cabinetmaker and carpenter. The interior mirrors are removable and hide the fasteners. The ash structure has been bleached and pearly.


Fireplace glass decoration

Integrating a magnificent fireplace, made of classic white marble, is difficult to modernize. Removing it would be disrespectful. I asked Gilles Chabrier, glass sculptor at the Bastille, to create this glass "box" with motifs designed by the sponsor herself. To contrast the whole, it was necessary to darken this chimney. A "peelable" varnish was applied directly to the marble before the plum hue and its pink/purple patina. Everything can be easily removed to restore the intact white marble.


Pommard Castle

On the occasion of an exhibition of the "Grands Ateliers de France" in Château Pommard, each exhibitor was given a barrel in order to give free rein to their imagination. In collaboration with Gilles CHABRIER, here is our interpretation: A worn blackened wood, more strapping in the middle, the top and bottom wider with a strapping made of material treated in "fake" metal, the recess of the barrel to respect the wine colour of the tannin and a L-shaped glass with the coat of arms of the Castle of course. Note the glass stopper sculpted by Gilles' son, Vincent CHABRIER.

Rue Marey Monge, Pommard

Silk columns

Creation and realization of columns with juxtaposed glass plates enclosing inking on silk made in simultaneous layers. Once separated, these silk papers were wrapped and UV-bonded between two glasses one by one. Their spacing gives a depth and a 3D effect. The whole system is backlit from the metal bases. Work carried out in collaboration with Gilles CHABRIER, glass sculptor at La Bastille. The current location of these two columns is in the former command post from where General de Gaulle led the French resistance and prepared for liberation.


Oval glass and silk table

This table, wanted oval by its sponsor, was designed by me and created by Gilles CHABRIER. It contains silk papers inked and UV-bonded in strips under the glass plate. Each glass strip is sandblasted at the ends. The metal foot is made of two sheets folded in a "draped" style with a gun barrel patina finish.


Metal, glass and tissue paper console

This console, designed by me, was made by Gilles CHABRIER. I simultaneously inked several layers of tissue paper which, once separated, were enclosed and glued with UV light between two glasses one by one. Their separate superposition gives depth and a 3D effect.


Photoluminescent bedroom furniture

In the "Boomerang" style of the 1970s, creation of a set of patinated furniture whitened during the day and blue photoluminescent at night. Note that the photoluminescence does not go out! These pieces of furniture were made in France by Didier Demé Carpenter cabinetmaker and finished in plaster and paint by myself.


Furniture from the "Cuir de Cordoue" and "Macán" lounges

According to my drawings, creation of curved steel plate foot tables. They are patinated in a gun barrel style. The trays were provided with wenge veneer strips, plated on frosted glass so that the whole thing was at the same level. Work carried out by Gilles CHABRIER, glass sculptor located in La Bastille.


Table and barrel door, Château Clarke and Château les Laurets lounges

According to my drawings, creation of oak tables and doors surrounded by a metal hoop referring to barrels. The strapping was made of brushed stainless steel and not zinc as on the barrels. Produced by Ets Favre in Geneva.


Teleski table, Megève and Mont d'Arbois lounges

According to my drawings, creation of two tables with a core made of chairlift cables. An idea that refers to the Mont d'Arbois ski resort. It was very, very difficult to get the cables because of the small quantity we needed compared to a chairlift! The second difficulty was to prevent the cables from unravelling and keeping their hold together. Produced by Ets Petit Chanon in France and Ets Favre in Geneva.


Gitana living room furniture

With reference to Gitana boats and according to my drawings, creation of furniture using boat materials: stainless steel, honeycomb and carbon. The tops were made in the workshops located in Lorient by Hubert Corfmat, the painter of GITANA boats, and the legs by the company Petit Chanon in the Paris region.


Revelation Lounge at the Grand Palais

For the Salon Révélation at the Grand Palais, here is the creation and realization of columns and triptychs of glass plates encircling inks on silk made by me. The whole system is backlit from the metal bases. When gluing the tissue papers between two sheets of glass, we sprinkled photoluminescent particles to give an additional effect visible at night. Work carried out in collaboration with Gilles CHABRIER, glass sculptor at La Bastille.

The Grand Palais in PARIS

Samurai Dress

This decorative samurai outfit is made of "relatively" soft plexi. Note the performance and complexity of the embroideries made with "fishing line" in a very hard to pierce support. When I was asked to stage this outfit, it was obvious to also play on transparency and lighting. This time, I asked Gilles Chabrier to help me with this project. A rigid structure of sandblasted glass carved on the edges holds and illuminates the interior with gently varying colour rhythms. A quote on the essence of the war from a Japanese general completes the spirit of this Samurai outfit

Bank, Paris 8ème

Burnt wood frame

The charcoal spirit is still present in the plastic arts such as charcoal drawing. This dark material (anthracite) is very beautiful but wishing it as a finish for furniture remains complicated. A lot of research with Didier Demé, cabinetmaker, has led to a surprising result. When I was asked to create a "frame" for Gianluca Berardi's canvas, the idea of placing it on a principle of long burned wooden boards was very appealing. This frame is our first "burned wood" finish

Bank, Paris 8ème

Pencil stroke for a neon light

This decorative samurai outfit is made of "relatively" soft plexi. Note the performance and complexity of the embroideries made with "fishing line" in a very hard to pierce support. When I was asked to direct it, it seemed obvious to me to play with transparency and lighting. It is quite easy to "draw" with neon lights, and to create complex shapes with a torch. Virgile Grassard from HOTLIGHT is a neonist and helped me in this project by perfectly respecting the "pencil stroke" simulating neon on my sketches.

Bank, Paris 8ème

Lamp base

These lamp bases required a lot of research and complex techniques: 1st decoration: * Relief of motifs in resin-coated glue * Patina combed in both directions in a fabric style * Bronze pigments sprinkled and then stretched on a bed of fresh resin. 2nd decoration: * Striations of resin-coated glue coating, brushed and scraped in relief * Patina chocolate (milk!) * Pose of brass leaves. In addition to the different techniques, the difficulty also lies in the sharpness of the junctions of these different materials.

Rue Eugène Maison à Sceaux in the 92

Reception desk

Here are two pieces of furniture, one for the reception desk and the other for the bank's security post. Their design is a technical feat because the undulation of the façade is given by a thick Plexiglas sheet thermoformed between a template and a heating "blanket" (giant aquarium rounding technique). In the finish, a large wenge veneer was glued directly onto the plexiglass (rarely made) with recesses representing the bank's logo and decorative strips on each side. This service was carried out according to my sketches by the EMG carpentry workshop located in Coignières in Ile de France.

Paris, Paris 8ème

Video conferencing easel

This concept takes up an idea of a tablet/painter's easel from the 1960s/70s that allowed you to put your television set down while hiding it with a light and manipulable painting. Hiding a flat screen for videoconferencing, which can be moved according to meetings, was interesting, aesthetic and more economical than installing screens in all rooms. This piece of furniture was made by Didier Demé, cabinetmaker, according to my sketches. Its perfect mastery of "multi-ply" makes it possible to give these slender, thin and robust shapes. At the time of delivery, a canvas representing GANDHI was made by me and placed there temporarily.

Wheel furniture

The purpose of this piece of furniture is to house videoconferencing equipment in this bank manager's office. Round? Why not. Its door is electrically rotating. A central spotlight only turns on and off when it is in use. This piece of furniture was made by Didier Demé, cabinetmaker, according to my sketches. His perfect mastery of "multi-ply" allowed the superposition of thick veneers in order to reveal the difference between the wood species when carving the surface. This work required a lot of testing and research to achieve this amazing result.

Bank, Paris 8ème

Road table

A curious name but very appropriate. The purchase in the auction room of an original "Jean Prouvé" base from the 1950s gave me the contemporary vision of a bridge structure. As the plateau no longer exists, it was decided to imagine a new one. The idea of a piece of tarmac, why not! Real highway aggregates were mixed in resin and cast on a honeycomb core (tray). This support allows a great rigidity and especially a lightness essential to the whole. Despite the irregularities, hollows and roughness, the surface has been very softened and allows this "road table" to be used for meetings and conferences in this banking management office.
Bank, Paris 8ème

Curved cubes

Creation of a custom-made piece of furniture made of Caroline pine by my friend Didier Demé, cabinetmaker and cabinetmaker. You will find his creations on his website www.demeebeniste.fr. The design, the coloured stains and the protective varnishes were made by me.

The Mont d'Arbois in Megève

real chromed shells

Installation of a dozen pegs on an indoor pool wall. These hooks are real shells that have been truncated at an angle, filled with resin and given a fixing adapted to each individual. After having done this work, I entrusted them to Laurent Thierry who is a specialist in chrome painting and recognized by many Artists (sculptors in particular). Of the dozen or so chrome-plated shells, 5 were treated with matt chrome (aluminium effect). You can consult and contact him directly through his website: www.allurechrome.com

The Mont d'Arbois in Megève

"Boomerang" office

This is a children's desk inspired by the much larger "boomerang" desks of the 1970s. According to several of my drawings and plans, its realization mainly required the talent of Didier Demé, a cabinetmaker and sculptor. The "multiplying" technique allowed these fluid and round shapes. The white and smooth finish made by me is a "car body" lacquer preparation. This round office has an extremely delicate handling and transport due to its lack of grips and required the intervention of a suitable freight elevator.

Paris 8th

Real furniture in fake cardboard

Here is a set of storage furniture, bedside table and desk in imitation cardboard for this room designed by me. The "custom" manufacture of the furniture as well as the finishes sculpted in the mass of the medium (folds, scotch, undulations, flaps, etc...) was made by my friend Didier Demé, Cabinetmaker illustrator whose creations you can find on his website. An important detail to perfect the illusion and avoid handles, doors and drawers are opened by pressing lightly on the fronts so that they open by themselves! Apart from the many layers of varnish, my work was only to make the inscriptions on all the pieces using stencils and to paint the relief imitating scotches in the right tone.

Paris 8e

The "nib" office

Here is the realization of a corner desk and its seat on the theme of a fountain pen for the foot and black ink projections (imitation) for the top of the tray. The whole was made of wood with the "glued laminated" technique by my friend Didier Demé Carpenter cabinetmaker after an original drawing created by me.

Paris 8

sea foam pipes

Realization of two frames to present this admirable collection of sea foam pipes. The frames consist of crumpled photocopies glued with tobacco leaves in the centre, real tobacco glued in a frieze and a brown striated frame with a disc. All the pipes were dismantled in order to slide a brass wire into their centre distances which keep them in suspension thanks to a small hole and a pin behind the frames as a fixing.

Paris 8th

Silver table

On the table (and doors), place silver leaves "torn off" on a black background (table that was previously made of green marble).

Paris 8th

letter table

According to an original idea of the decorator Mr Patrick Hourcade, here is a wooden frame in which he had a photo and a painting inserted. I copied a desired text and translated it from American by the customer. In agreement with Patrick hourcade I added in thickness on the left side the client's profile (from photo).

Rue du cirque, Paris

wooden lighting

Realization of a fake wood on lighting  basins in staff.

Rue de Rivoli, Paris 1er

flower stencils

Blanched tablet with reworked curtain patterns respecting tones and shapes.

Rue Emile Deschanel, Paris 7e

Decoration by seagulls

Decoration like "seagull's feet" with plasticine soaked in gouache and then transferred to the tablet by myself and not by seagulls! Work performed for the interior design house "David Hicks".

Rue de Tournon in Paris.

Camouflage tablet

Set of tablets decorated in a "camouflage" style for the interior design house "David Hicks", located at 12 rue de Tournon.

Paris 6e

Jumble in trompe l'oeil

According to a period frame that was provided to me, here is the creation of a jumble with real photos, scanned, edited in black and white then glued and reworked in oil. Only the postage stamp is real and simply glued!

Le raincy (94)

Venus in fake bronze

 Realization of a fake bronze on plaster, for the Italian restaurant "Au Soleil Italien" (See the "panoramic" section for all the works)

91700 Ste Geneviève des Bois

heavy helmets!!!

Realization of two helmets for racing drivers. One in fake wood (inlay of 8 different woods) and the other in fake marble. Namely that these paints probably do not allow the scanner rays to pass through in the event of an accident, and therefore cannot be worn by motorcyclists.

In Essonne (91)

Relief table

Realization for a hairdressing salon of a relief painting with real hairdressing objects cast in the plaster to be modelled, then patinated in your "stone". The frame has been treated with fake wood. The total weight is 14 kg.

Chilly Mazarin, in Essonnealo

Nabuchodonosor, painting on glass

Painting on glass of fake labels, on a nabuchodonosor (15 liters of champagne) The scale is given by the cigarette pack at the bottom left of the bottle.

Ste Geneviève des bois in Essonne

Staff, the summer of "Jean Houdon"

Realization of a fake bronze and a fake marble of the "sea green" type, on a copy of the Louvre. It is "Jean Houdon's summer". (available on order like many other raw copies).

House Lafittes, Yvelines (78)

Table tops

Realization of a fake marble of the "purple breach" type on the top of a game table. (dimensions: 100 * 50 cm)

Suresnes, Hauts de Seine (92)

The victory, oil painting

Famous English Galleon, the HMS Victory is a British three-masted square-sail three-masted British row passenger ship from 1ᵉʳ It is mainly known as Admiral Nelson's ship during the Battle of Trafalgar

Saint Fargeau-Ponthierry in Seine et Marne

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