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Artist Decorative Painter
This heading includes "imitations" of materials such as wood, marble, stone, wrought iron, bronze, leather, scale, etc. Sometimes ancestral methods and techniques, they will respect your restoration or renovation projects.

Vert de mer

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Voici un chevet qui nécessitait une sérieuse restauration. De style vénitien, les dorures ont été ravivées et j’ai proposé un faux marbre de type « vert de mer » sur le dessus.
Une préparation très lisse avant le faux marbre et un vernissage brillant en plusieurs couches étaient nécessaires pour donner cette illusion de vrai marbre.

Sceaux dans les Hauts de Seine (92)

Faux bois en relief

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Réalisation d’une trame « bois » afin de donner du relief à cette imitation de bois peint. La séparation des planches fut délignée au préalable à la scie circulaire. Une patine grisée vient finaliser l’ensemble.
Cette technique a pour but de créer des ombres et des lumières naturelles. La verticalité des planches correspond à l’esprit de Marennes Oléron en Charente Maritime

Marennes plage


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Ces statues exposées chez un primeur de Vincennes étaient peintes en noir. Lors de la rénovation de leur commerce, il m’a été demandé de les patiner en imitation fausse pierre. Ces moulages en béton, certainement destinés à des jardins, sont signés d’Agostino PAPINI.

Le Verger du Château à Vincennes

Institut National des Jeunes Aveugles - INJA

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Suite à de gros dégâts des eaux dans la galerie principale, j’ai été appelé pour refaire les faux marbres à l’identique des anciens. Retrouver les tracés, les teintes et la « main » des anciens peintres en décor n’est pas facile.

Boulevard des Invalides

Restauration de marbre

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Cette ancienne cheminée en « Griotte », tel est le nom de ce marbre, avait reçu un mauvais coup sur son angle. Une pièce en résine a été coulée pour s’adapter au mieux au manque tout en conservant une certaine solidité. Pour finir, j’ai imité la Griotte et l’ai raccordée avec la vraie. Bien sûr la cheminée a été intégralement nettoyée afin de retrouver une intensité de couleur.

Rue Richer, Paris 9ème

Faux marble fitting

At the request of an antique dealer, extensions were added to the back of real Sarrancolin marble tops. After smoothing the surfaces to achieve the same flatness, the tones and shapes of this complex marble had to be reproduced in detail.

Several coats of wax with polishes were used to unify the reflections.


Restoration of a false walnut tree

The decoration in this room is very old, 50 - 70 years old, or even more. Over the years the sun has "burnt" the varnish and whitened the glazes. The varnish had even peeled off in many places. Renovation of the flat and bringing it up to electrical standards required new ducts to be run through the walls.
As a result, the old decorations had to be overpainted to revive their colours, while at the same time being reattached with fluid varnishes. It was then sufficient to redo identically the areas that had been trenched for the electrical ducts.
In this case, knowing the old techniques of beer and oil glazes made it possible to get as close as possible to the old decoration.
Auteuil church district, Paris 16th arrondissement

fake dark oak

Realization of a false oak in several glazes.

Fake wood dashboard

During the restoration of a Facel-Vega (1954-1964), I was asked to redo the fake wood as it was originally done in some luxury cars at that time. The brackets were made of thin sheet metal, stamped, hammered and drilled. For the finish, the imitation elm burl is based on the techniques of the time of the decorative painter, such as beer glazes with oil glazing.

Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie

During the total renovation of this renowned establishment in Les Halles in Paris, the owners, anxious to preserve this heritage and especially the spirit of the old Parisian shops, asked me to make this exterior and interior front in false oak with period ornamentation. During the preparation and renovation of the woodwork by the Borry Ets (house painter), I was in charge of moulding the old ornamentations in order to complete and recreate new ones. Many of these ornaments were missing, broken or very damaged. Inside, the columns have been painted in imitation wrought iron.

34 rue Montmartre, Paris 1st

Carriage entrance avenue Marignan

After a complete stripping, a preparation of plaster and satin lacquer, here is the realization of a false oak with a Versailles parquet pattern on the bottom of the doors.

10 avenue Marignan, Paris

Sea Green baseboards

This is a classic and revealing exercise of a "hand" for a decorative painter. To know how to reproduce a material like this fake marble without the result attracting the eye, but everything seems normal without being able to discern the true from the fake... The reward is not to realize this when you enter the room. The opposite would be a lack of taste and a poorly done job.

Boulevard St Germain, Paris

Fake cut stone on ornamentation

Here is a small and very ornamented entrance. Dirty and blackened by time, the sandblasted/grouted plasters were too porous to be cleaned. The decorative painting made it possible to lighten the entrance while making it washable over time.

9 Rue St Sénoch, Paris 17th

Carrier gate Avenue Montaigne in Paris

This door was very damaged. It was stripped to the wood, a few pieces of wood changed and a lot of smoothing work was done to renovate this door. It required a scaffolding of 3 levels since the work of fake wood included the window of the 1st floor (about 6/7 meters high).

51 Avenue Montaigne, Paris

Fake stone from Paris

After a catastrophic water damage, the sandblasted/grouted plasters of the time revealed dirty and very colourful haloes from inside the walls after evaporation. As no cleaning solution was possible, only decorative painting made it possible to recover the blonde colour and softness of the area.

Dron Avenue in Tourcoing

Fake cut stone in a coachman's passage

In a very well proportioned and moulded coachman's passage, realization of an imitation of a fake cut stone and its joint cuts. Very classic and ancestral technique of the painters in decoration dating from the Haussmann period. Only the joints are marked with adhesives today and no longer by spinning with a brush and ruler.

7 rue Châteaubriand, Paris 8ème

Mercedes dashboard

During the restoration of the interior of an old Mercedes, a fake cedar magnifying glass was made on certain parts of the Mercedes dashboard as was customary at the time. Thanks to Christophe Chauvet (cabinetmaker and restorer) for asking me to participate in this restoration.


Fake yellow marble

Realization of a fake marble of white veined type treated in yellow ochre. The rest of the piece has been given a combed/grey patina. Namely that the half moons above the doors were later treated by Florence ADAM, an art restorer located next to the Château de Chantilly. I would like to thank her for introducing me to her client who also let me create a brown/yellow grey sky that you will find in the "Floors and ceilings" section.

Château de Vineuil Saint Firmin in the Oise

Building door in Saint Mandé

After having been prepared and painted in beige supported, by the painters in buildings, here is the realization of a false wood of the "oak" type on this entrance door. A marine varnish was applied as a general protection.

Saint Mandé

A concrete Bourgogne stone!

After casting this concrete slab, I dug false joints with a hammer and chisel. The whole was patinated by so-called "Burgundy stone" according to the glazier who came to take the measurements of the future window. It was lowering down and looking underneath that he could discover that it was concrete! We forgive him. The disbursement of this slab makes it possible to put decoration on it knowing that electricity is planned.

Varennes Jarcy (91)

Radiator 3 materials

On this flat radiator, the 3 materials of the bathroom furniture: white lacquered, rosewood and silver leaf.

Mont d'Arbois, Megève

Multicoloured bathtub and false fir tree

A multicoloured bathtub for this small bathroom or the imitation of fake wood (fir) is on the bathtub side, radiator and vanity unit, not to mention small reminders of fake blue marble.

Mont d'Arbois, Megève

Washbasin on fake wood

The underside of the furniture (medium) is made of fake fir with an imitation of the basin stone in the centre. The radiator is also made of fake wood with a reminder in the centre of the tile surrounding the bathtub.

Mont d'Arbois, Megève

Dark fake wood and its gilded ceiling

In collaboration with the decorator Mr Patrick Hourcade, a dark walnut fake wood was made over the entire room, including the fireplace, which was made of (real) marble; only the flat surfaces of the ceiling were gilded with bronze (gold paint).

Rue de Rivoli, Paris 1er

Plaster library

Realization of a fake cherry  tree on the whole of this plaster  library (supplier Staff décor in Orly). The finish is made with a satin-finish glycerol varnish.

St Germain en Laye (78)

Mahogany on gilding

On entrance and clearance doors, realization of a false mahogany with sheaves, thread wood, and brambles, all on a gilded background. Wax finish, then rag polish.

Rue du cirque, Paris 8e

False and flat wood!

On flat doors, imitation of a false walnut and then false mouldings reminiscent of those existing on the other doors in the corridor.

Paris 7e

The carriage gate

Realization on four pilasters in the entrance hall (carriage gate) of a "Languedoc red" type marble with a base in sea green and a capital in veined carrara.
This imitation marble is all the more disturbing because it was made on an old "stucco" which gives it its perfectly smooth and especially cold side like real marble.

15 rue Jacques Dulud in Neuilly sur Seine (92)

A wooden radiator!

Realization of a bluish fake wood on the whole radiator, following the vertical blades of the latter, and creating fake cuts along their length. Complementary element to the work of the "tires" in the "other curiosity" section.

Avenue Victor Hugo

Fake marquetry

Fake marquetry on cupboard doors. Imitated wood species: rosewood, walnut, poplar, and walnut burr.

Neuilly sur Seine (92)

Double door fake wood and trompe l'oeil

Realization of a fake "walnut" type wood and its fake mouldings on all the corridor doors, with a trompe l'oeil on the only double door, with the theme of the seaside. All the walls have been treated with a green brushed patina.

Rue Cambronne, Paris 15e.

Pigeon shooting circle

After the installation of real woodwork on all the walls of the restaurant room, I was asked to make the entire cornice and the four fake wood doors just like the new woodwork.

Pigeon shooting circle at Bois de Boulogne

Antique dealers show in Paris

In partnership with an antique dealer, realization of a canvas representing a fake oak woodwork with its fake mouldings.

Porte d'Auteuil Paris 16th arrondissement

Fake wood in Montmartre

Realization of a fake oak tree. (The handles are supported by a real marble)

Paris 18th at 108 rue Lepic

White wax on Regence doors

Wax bleaching of all the doors and cupboards of the apartment, in order to remove the "rustic" aspect and give a more refined whole. (the fabrics were placed after)

Avenue Charles Floquet, Paris 8e

Fake wood, fake stone, fake marble....all fake!

Realization in an entrance hall of a fake walnut and fake mouldings on all doors. The walls are treated with fake ashlar with a fake marble plinth of the "small antique" type.

Rue Parmentier, Neuilly sur Seine (92))

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