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Here is a realization on more than 60 m² which completes the collection of trompe l'oeil that counts the city of Chârtres. Pushed by landscape architect Josseline Gaillard, the idea of a veranda with vegetation appeared to me almost instantly.
The meeting with the developers of this new Bellini residence, who were required by the city of Châtres to have a trompe l'oeil made in their real estate project, was enthusiastic and complacent to help me realize it. It was necessary the agreement of the city of Chârtres of course but also the agreement of the Buildings of France because of the proximity of the cathedral.
The veranda and window were made on canvas in the workshop and then mounted on site. The idea was to connect with the brick and half-timbered house to blend in naturally with the urban space. Plantings on all the bottom of the walls will complete the vegetal aspect of the trompe l'oeil in a short time.

Place Drouaise, Chârtres
Here is the interpretation of a bronze piece representing the Dominican Saint Alain de le Roche (1428-1475). The idea was to represent him as a statue in his fake stone niche with a rosary in his hands. A rot-proof aluminium base (alupanel), a sand coating has been applied in order to get as close as possible to a "fresco" appearance.
This precise order had to be faithful and respectful of the Dominican order.


Contacted by landscape architect Josseline Gaillard, the idea was to include in his urban redevelopment project a trompe l'oeil sharing the idea of vegetation and the idea of the name of the restaurant "le Gramophone" located just behind.
The pavilions of our former gramophones have a real floral connotation, such as fleurs-de-lis, bindweed flowers, fleurs-de-loire and many others. The idea was to stage this close resemblance to remember those times when the devices of "the voice of his master" were everywhere.

Railway crossing, Orsay in Essonne

Its purpose is to stay bright every night. Under Mr Sarkozy's five-year term, it had been discussed to shut down the cities at 10.30 p.m. as a cost-saving measure. This "test" sign would have remained visible without electrical energy. The powerful urban lighting in the surrounding area does not reveal this function, but it is present.

Chilly-Mazarin in Essonne.
Within Rabestan Castle, a chapel was completely dismantled stone by stone, beam by beam, tile by tile, renovated and then reassembled according to the rules of the art, all under the control of the French buildings. At the end of this project, my participation was limited to patinas, various catches and adjustments of false wood tints on the altar and the confessional door. The worn Hail Mary lettering on the side of the altar and the name of St. Barbara on a statue stele were created.

Saint Avit les Guespières in the Eure et Loire
Creation of two black and white panels representing a 1930s woman in order to finalize the front of my friend Christian Bigeon's Phyléa boutique.

Rue quincampoix Paris
This is an indoor/outdoor bar in a high-altitude restaurant that can accommodate between 800 and 1200 people every lunchtime during the high ski season. A huge amount of carpentry work was required to build the formwork. Two concrete rotors were used to fill it. According to an imposed and planned implementation on plan, my role was to find a design and materials (concrete/zinc). Despite a large flare at the top of the bar, the base only rests 5 cm wide. The pressure is enormous on the bottom and its balance is only due to its sinuous implantation. Many men were needed for this creation, which was carried out in very difficult snowy weather conditions. Congratulations to all of you.

The Club House of Mont D'Arbois, Megève in Haute Savoie

Realization on canvas of a trompe  l'oeil representing a vaulted niche with its coping. The aim is to give the illusion of seeing the inside of the house through the bar window.

Limits in Essonne (91)

Where are the fake windows? Realization of two fake windows on two old walled up old ones a long time ago. Answer: They are located vertically to the right of the gutter.

Rue de l'Eperon, Paris 6e


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